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  1. As the title states, I'm curious to see what the optimal settings are to tone down the lag on all resolution settings. I've searched and maybe have not been keen enough to see a post with these settings. I've definitely got the upload speed and I'm using an external stream box with the roxio in order to stream so resources are out of the question. Is there something I'm missing? Have the SP1 update, bitrate sits at the default on all resolutions and all have the same affect. I have 15mb upload so that is out of the question as stated before. My stream box is a quad core 3.8ghz 8gb of ram. Thanks.
  2. Ango

    Live Streaming Issues.

    It's software bugs. The hardware/software is very new and should be in beta still.
  3. Ango

    Xsplit And Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro

    Streaming is still a no go, quite a bit of pausing/FPS lag.
  4. Ango

    Twitch Delay

    I did indeed have the SP1 installed prior to launching the capture software.
  5. Ango

    Xsplit And Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro

    At the moment, just wait it out until Roxio finally comes up with a fix. Right now, this is definitely not the solution as you have said. However, I'm sure if Roxio listens well enough to the streaming community that bought into this.. Things will turn for the better within the next couple of weeks.
  6. Ango

    Twitch Delay

    Seems a bit silly that they would release a beta product.
  7. Ango

    Twitch Delay

    Well, I can't even click the capture button now. So my HD Pro is now unusable because it's not able to be used with other third party programs either.
  8. Ango

    Twitch Delay

    Well, i have 5.3MB/s and the program either wants to put in "7500" for 720p or "1161" for 480p for the video bitrate. If i could alter it to something of my own choosing instead of it defaulting to these numbers.. It might work a little better. The more i sit here and play with the HD Capture vs other programs (xsplit), the more i want to RMA it. I thought Roxio might have been a great choice...
  9. Ango

    Twitch Delay

    So upon receiving my game capture HD today, i took it for a test run. Specs: -1100T x6 3.8GHz AMD Processor -16 Gigs of Ripjaw RAM -GTX 470 GPU Whenever I'm actually in game (Planetside 2) the delay extends itself to about 1 minute on Twitch and the FPS at times drops to what looks to be about 10-15 FPS. Any information on correcting settings, etc.. Would be helpful.