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  1. i have the same issue. ANY HELP WILL BE HIGHLY APPRECIATED!!
  2. Im able to record my gameplay in 720p using the software. However, when i export it and share it on YT, the quality only goes up to 480p. Why is this?
  3. ryanr1211

    Black Preview Screen, But I Hear Audio?

    Hello, when i first boot everything up, i am able to see and hear the video/audio that is on my xbox. However, when i hit start capture, i get a black preview screen, again i still hear the audio on my laptop. Then, when i hit stop capture, the preview screen remains black, the audio is still there. I have hooked up the HD Pro with HDMI cables, so i know that, that cannot be the issue. Please help! BTW, the i have selected the HDMI option on the screen and the status says "ready"