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    Xsplit And Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro

    I got mine today in the mail I have quiet a few computers as I am a huge gamer of sorts, anyways the software that comes with HD pro is very poorly made. The worst thing about it is the fact you can not stream properly from the program its self even though it even says on the site stream to twitch but when you try it will have 5 sec intervals of streaming then freeze streaming then freeze. I was constantly checking my connection and i have a 100mb/s speed with 10mb/s upload speed so i know it was not that. I Then decided to download manycam and overlay the roxio program then i had to open up xsplit and stream from the many cam. So in the end the quality was not that great but it streamed perfectly. iv tried all the different video quality on Roxio game capture hd pro and got the same lag issue on live streams. I honestly don't think they tested live streams because it is awful.
  2. Yea we need to contact technical support to make sure they know about this.. it seems they never tested their software streaming.
  3. vegsmashed

    Twitch Delay

    Ango I can confirm it is faulty software Roxio needs to step it up and come up with an update to fix this because I bought this card souly for this one purpose to stream and it awfully through their program so in order for me to get it to work I had to download another program "manycam" Then basically stream the video that was streaming from my xbox off my monitor so of course it loses quality and eats my resources its irritating that we cant even use the card properly because they don't know how to make a program for something they made. To push for a update on this you guys need to contact their technical support on this problem as well. I have tried 3 different desktops and a laptop and they all had the same problems and this is with a 100mb/s connection and a 10mb/s upload