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    Can't Detect Video

    Yes... but I got a new computer so I'm trying to install it on this one. Is there anyone that I can get into contact with at Roxio?
  2. Tamloo

    Can't Detect Video

    I own a Roxio Video Capture USB device that came with the Easy VHS to DVD. Unfortunately, I cannot find my CD or keycode to install it, however I did install the drivers from http://www.roxio.com...creator/device/. I installed it... and I'm getting audio with Wirecast (a software for streaming) but I'm not getting video. And before you say... "It only works with Roxio products".... no it doesn't. It has worked before with the drivers on the cd. Perhaps I'm getting the wrong drivers or something? Again, only the audio works, I cannot get the video feed to be recognized. And I have checked my Device Manager on my computer. It says that I have the "Roxio Video Capture USB" device under the "Sound, video and game controllers" but I also have it as an "unknown device" under "other devices". I hope that someone will help me get pointed in the right direction! Thanks!
  3. Tamloo

    Very Disappointed...

    I cannot agree with you guys more on this! If I can't have third party support with XSplit or Wirecast then I might return the capture card as well.
  4. I totally agree with you. It was my issue that I thought it would work with third party software and that is an issue that those software designers have to deal with themselves. And seeing as this is a new product, I shouldn't expect it to work with everything on week one (or two... is it that new?). As far as the program goes, I think it is nice for beginners. But I think I am a little more advance than that and that is where my complaints go to. A nice product that is great for beginners, but perhaps not great for advance users that are trying to do a lot more. And the lag, I completely understand; I intend on watching/playing/looking at the TV, but I'm just testing things out. Thanks for the comment thought!
  5. I recently bought the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO and it just came in the mail today. I haven't had much time to test and use the product, but right out of the box I've been having some issues which apparently were not addressed before my decision to buy the product on the Roxio website. First and foremost, some background: I found out about the company, Roxio because I bought the "Easy VHS To DVD" product about two months ago. Although I did not use it for its intended purpose, it worked extremely well. I used it to hook up video game consoles to my computer to stream video games to Twitch. The quality wasn't good, but it was passable. The product claimed that it wasn't compatible with other software, but to my findings, it worked with any software that could support a webcam input. I started to use XSplit to stream to Twitch, but then bought a license to Wirecast because I found the software to be a lot better as I had a lot more options that I couldn't find in XSplit. Recently, I just found out about the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO and decided to purchase it because I thought I could do everything that I could do just like I did above, even if it wasn't its intended purpose. I purchased the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO because I wanted higher quality for my stream to Twitch via my Wirecast software because my past Roxio hardware worked with it before. However, to my findings so far (and I could be wrong because I've only had it for less than a day), I'm not able to use any other software other than what Roxio has provided to me. I am extremely disappointed not only because I can't use my own software, but the software that I am provided isn't up to my standards. I am only allowed to use the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO as my input video source. I'm not allowed to use any other capture card nor webcam, only the hardware that came bundled with the software. This means that I'm not able to stream a live video feed of myself (and my multiple friends who play with me) to Twitch while also streaming my video game AND my live chat feed which I'm able to do with my Wirecast software. I am however able to stream my voice from my webcam, but I'm not allowed to show video, not even with a PIP. On top of this, the display on my computer is about a good 2-3 seconds behind what is showing on the TV which is unacceptable in my opinion. The past product I used from Roxio did it instantaneously so I wasn't happy with that, but it could be passable if I set it up correctly to stream in time with my webcam, which doesn't matter as my webcam can't be used anyways so whatever. Unfortunately, the software provided can't do anything that I want to do and I will refuse to use it as it isn't what I wanted. It wasn't made for what I need and therefore won't use it. But that's ok! I'll just use my own software (Wirecast) to stream like I did with my past Roxio product. Unfortunately, although it can detect the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO, it can not utilize it because what it seems is that it is a video codec issue and the drivers are not capable with other software other than the one Roxio has provided; this also includes XSplit as I have tried it also. I just figured that if my past Roxio product worked with other software, this one could as well. I understand that this product is very new so I'm aware that it has it's issues at first and they can be approved upon. I saw that there was an update to something that had to do with the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO today so I installed that but the problem is that I can't find that it actually did anything. It said it was a "critical update" but bothered to leave no explanation on what the update fixed or added. So far I am disappointed with the product and intend on returning it unless the issues has been fixed. The main thing that I want to see is support for other programs as that is what I think everyone wants and would intend to buy this product for. The software that came with the product was not up to par and could not do a lot of functions and I don't want to stream without my video from my webcam. I expected a lot more out of this product, especially for the price that it was sold to me, $149.99. If anyone is thinking of buying this product for use with XSplit or any other broadcasting program, I would stay away from this product right now as it isn't what you are looking for. If anyone knows of a way to get this product to work with other software, I would love to know about it! I hope I helped some people with questions they may have before buying the Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro, but in my case, I would not recommend purchasing this product. Has anyone else been having these issues and is there a fix that I am unaware of? I have tried many methods to get this to work with other programs but I can't find anything that works. Thanks for reading my comments and concerns!