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  1. Davidx625

    Having A Lot Of Issues,,,,

    happens to me too. No idea how to fix it.
  2. Davidx625

    Update: Roxio And Xsplit

    YESSS!!! xD
  3. Davidx625

    Very Disappointed...

    FIRST of all, people that work with roxio do look at the forums. and yes I have.
  4. Davidx625

    Very Disappointed...

    Roxio, Your product itself, is amazing. This product produces very good quality in video and audio. The problem with this product is not the device but the software. The software sucks, it's a AWFUL program. It always says "not responding" I tried everything people said to fix it but nothing. Sometimes when I click capture, my computer goes black and the only way to make the black screen go away is by opening up task manager. Also the main reason I bought this product is because the live streaming you guys promoted so much. The live streaming is a fail. I can't even record on 360p without it lagging and having horrid quality, my download and upload speed is 35/30. Someone said this on the xsplit forums, That pretty much sums it up on how I feel. If xsplit cannot get the device working on there program I will return the product and demand a full refund. Sincerely, David
  5. Davidx625

    Xbox To Roxio Lag

    I don't find that a problem at all. I just look at my monitor and play. I don't look at my computer monitor and see the preview to play. That is just dumb/
  6. Davidx625

    Xbox To Roxio Lag

    why does it matter tho? Just don't look at the screen lol.
  7. try changing your location then do Check Bandwidth
  8. Yeah nevermind I tried it and it worked. Shoulda tried it before i posted that post. lol. My fault. Good job. Hopefully roxio can fix there problem or xsplit can add the roxio =[
  9. Can you do a tut how to add the audio? Because without the audio, it's basically pointless. Good video tho.
  10. Davidx625

    Did Anyone Try?

    same thing.
  11. Davidx625

    Live Streaming Issues.

    Whenever I live stream, it lags BAD and as you can see my upload speed is pretty good. Tried streaming on 360p, lagged. 480p lagged. 720p lagged. I installed SP1 restarted my computer still nothing.This is very disappointing.