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    Blu Ray Disk Not Being Create

    When I mount it in toast, I see 2 folders- BDMV & Certificate. I can see a stream folder in BDMV which has a file (.mts), which I can open in VLC and see the video. However, the dvd when burned again shows the same two folders. It does not play on its own. Thanks for your reply.
  2. IIF

    Blu Ray Disk Not Being Create

    Question: 1. I have created a blu ray disk image (through Toast 11, BD Plugin)- how do I check if this has created the correct files/ format? 2. When I do the following: Once the disk image is complete, click on the “Copy” icon in the upper left corner - it is the one immediately to the right of the “Video” one. Select “Image File” in the menu that appears on the left. Drag the disk image you just created into the window on the right. Put a recordable Blu-ray disc into your burner and click the big red button. The burning window will appear. Use the “Recorder” menu to select the burner, if you have more than one - you’ll know you have the correct drive when the status immediately below it says “Blank BD-R.” Click the “Record” button and the burning process will begin. However, when I burn the dvd, I get nothing on the dvd. It is not recognised on my PS3 or on my blu ray disk player. Is there anyway I can figure out: 1. If the disk image is correct? Thanks- need some help urgently as I have to take my films for screening at a festival. Vinay