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  1. Lol, I'll take your Atari. Guess I'll just keep it then.
  2. Just a quick update. It is now October 15th and I still have yet to receive any type of email from Roxio. I actually feel bad for still having the device, but I want to be absolutely sure of the location that I need to send this back to. I'm gonna see about calling or emailing again later in the evening because I do honestly feel bad. Lol
  3. This is what the letter of destruction said. I think it was mainly for the software they provided. Basically telling me to uninstall it or else. Nothing about an RMA or where to send it to. Forgot to mention they issued the refund already. Lol
  4. I just think they should have been a bit more specific and added an actual address and other instructions. Seems a bit odd to include a letter of destruction but no address. I've dealt with returns before and this was the first time I haven't seen any instructions. Maybe the letter of destruction also meant the destruction of not only the software (uninstalling it), but also destroying the capture device as well. Anyone got some fireworks or tnt or something? (I'm kidding!) I don't want to send it to the address that it shipped from just in case it's not the correct address. I don't want to waste money. :|
  5. Lol alright. Thanks Jim.
  6. I wasn't serious, sir.
  7. So I requested a refund, accepted the letter of destruction but I never receieved any other information besides an RMA. Do I just send this back to the location it was sent from? Or another location? I was never told to do any of that. I also contacted Customer Service and mentioned the same things I just previously mentioned, but I got an automated response back a few hours later about the refund request and basically to do what I had already done. Do I need to send it back? Not sure why it wouldn't tell me to send it back, with a mailing address. FREE ITEMS! WOO!
  8. Boskosauce

    Pc Capture

    I'll go ahead and do that. I'm glad I'm not the only one!
  9. Boskosauce

    Pc Capture

    Nope. None of the trouble shooting on that page explains my issue. I'm testing PC Capture with Grand Theft Auto IV right now. I'm live streaming it to twitch. Whenever a different cut scene, or even changing video settings inside the game, the capture program stops responding. It does it too much.
  10. Boskosauce

    Pc Capture

    That's strictly for xbox 360 and ps3. I'm looking for PC capturing info. Also, I noticed that right before it stops capturing, the program itself stops responding and then I have no other choice but to close it.
  11. Boskosauce

    Pc Capture

    Whenever I capture from my PC via HDMI, the stream cuts out. Usually happens if I bring the game up or if I get some sort of error message from the game or another program. Even minimizing the game causes the stream to stop. Why is this happening and is there a way to fix it?