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    Issues, Issues, Issues.

    Hey all, After a wave of issues with this device I came to the conclusion that I want my money back for the Roxio GameCap HD Pro. I bought the device like 15 days ago. I mailed Roxio alot of times and they were replying in the beginning, but now they are not replying... What do I do now, please help!!!! Thanks!
  2. Remav1c

    Issues, Issues, Issues.

    Thanks a lot, I submitted a return order!
  3. Hey guys, I recieved my Roxio HD Pro today. In the beginning, everything was just fine. I inserted the disk and the software was installing itself. But at the end, the software said that "The installation was interrupted", but the icon was already at my desktop. So I was confused and clicked the icon. Then Roxio said that "An important key was missing" and that I had to repair the software in the software panel. So I went there, but I could not find the program. It's just not there! and if its not there, I can't repair or fix it. I restarted my computer, installed all the windows updates and restarted it again, but the same thing is happening over and over again. Can please someone help me, because I want this awesome device to work! Thanks a lot!
  4. Remav1c

    Installation Fail

    Hey guys, I thought about it today and I think I want my money back... Anyone knows how to do that? I already mailed Roxio but they are not responding... Thanks!
  5. Remav1c

    Installation Fail

    I mailed! I'm waiting for response now!
  6. Remav1c

    Installation Fail! Please Help!

    I have exactly the same problem as you have. check my topic that is also named "installation fail" and get a little bit furder. If I know what to do I will let you know! Also, check this thing: http://support.microsoft.com/mats/Program_Install_and_Uninstall Run FixIt on the Roxio GameCap HD Pro, that helped me a little bit furder
  7. Remav1c

    Installation Fail

    Update: I found the program in the sowftware panel, and I repaired it, but that doesn't help. Also, if I delete the whole program in my software panel, the icon is still on my desktop. And the problem that keys are missing is still not solved!
  8. Remav1c

    Installation Fail

    allright, here are my computer specs but when I try to upload the latest logfile, it say that I'm not permitted to upload this kind of files! I inspected the logfile myself a bit and discovered some "errors" but I'm sure you guys can figure out what that all means! DxDiag specs.txt
  9. Remav1c

    What In The World Do I Do Now

    Haha I'm from the Netherlands okay!
  10. Remav1c

    What In The World Do I Do Now

    where did you buy the roxio?
  11. Remav1c

    Disc Drive Not Working At This Time

    Hey stephen, Maybe you can contact roxio on their facebook page. just write your problem on the wall and they will give you an email adress you can mail your problem to. I don't know how to slove this problem but maybe they know. I say this because this forum is not that fast ;-) Tom
  12. Remav1c

    Great Service

    Hey Roxio, I don't know where to start this topic, so I do it here. I just want to say that this time, you did a great job! The service was great, because my Roxio GameCapture HD Pro would actually arrive the first of november, but I got it today! This is just a short note, If moderators want to delete this, its fine. I just wanted to say this Thanks!
  13. Remav1c

    "upgrade To Hdpro"

    Hey guys, I have a question: whats the difference between "Upgrade to HDPro" and just buy the capture card for 140 dollars? It's a 30 dollar difference so thats why I am asking! Thanks for your help!
  14. Hey guys, I have the "old" roxio game capture and I want to buy the new one, because it's freakin awesome. But can I use the software that came with the "old" device in combination with the new divice? Or do I have to install updates or something? Thanks!
  15. Remav1c

    "upgrade To Hdpro"

    Allright man thanks alot! I'm going to order it today! Thanks!
  16. Remav1c

    "upgrade To Hdpro"

    Hey guys thanks for replying, But what I actually mean is: I am from holland and I can buy the Roxio game capture Pro HD for 140 euros. But when I press the "Upgrade to HD" button, I can buy the same roxio game capture HD Pro for 110 euro's. My questions is if there is any difference between the two devices or not? Note: I already have the "old" Roxio game capture. thanks.
  17. So, I really want to buy the product, but as I am reading this it sounds like its crap. There is one thing I want to know, is the video quallity good? because thats what its all about (for me). I really like to make video's and put them on youtube. I also like to stram with xSplit but it's not my main thing. Thanks for replying.