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    Devices Missing

    Ok well, then I still have the problem of the "Select Video Device Failed" error unfortunately.
  2. iamaustin94

    Devices Missing

    Ok well I have an HDMI cable from the Xbox to the HD Pro and then another HDMI cable to the TV, then the USB goes from the HD Pro to the computer. This is a picture of the device manager on my PC. I dont know if it's correct or not though.
  3. iamaustin94

    Devices Missing

    Ok well i got the Roxio Game Capture Pro HD yesterday and after a number of hours trying to get it set up, I still have yet to get it working. I have gone through the forums trying to find an answer and none of them have worked. I am trying this on a HP Pavilion dv4 Notebook with a Intel Core i5-3210M CPU, 8gb of RAM on Windows 7 64-bit. I understand that in the Devices Manager there should be two different Roxio HD Pro Gamecap devices, yet I only have one. I've tried uninstalling the driver for the HD Pro, unplugging it, Rebooting, Repairing the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro software, rebooting, turning on the Xbox and pluggin the HD Pro in. The capture program either says "No Device" or "Select Video Device Failed." I've also tried many other ways of uninstalling and reinstalling the program, nothing seems to work. Any help would be grateful! Thanks!