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    Can I Record Pc Gameplay?

    You can record and stream your pc/laptop if you use an hdmi cable connected to your computer to the roxio game cap pro hd, and then right click on your desktop, screen resolution, and then choose this 2nd signal(2nd if you are only using one monitor, 3rd signal if you use dual monitors), and select "Duplicate these displays" under Multiple Displays: Now you can run the roxio over usb to any computer that supports it and stream and record. You can also use the same computer that is outputting the hdmi to record via usb, but that gets rid of some of the usefulness when you do that because you are still streaming on the same computer, however there is significantly less cpu usage being used up by you streaming because the roxio does the encoding. Here is an example of how good the roxio looks when streaming 720p PC gameplay, and to show people that you can actually stream your pc with it. This is a friend of mine playing LoL http://www.twitch.tv/mardaw/b/335637382 Good Luck! SkatecL5
  2. SkatecL5

    Update: Roxio And Xsplit

  3. Ok, so I tried opening the Roxio program again, and whala, now I get a signal and I can see my left screen on the roxio preview window, but the hdmi to dvi cord is running from the roxio hdmi output to my monitor and my monitor keeps saying no signal. so the card is getting the signal, but my monitor isnt able to read this signal from the roxio or something.any thoughts? Im using a hdmi to dvi cord to send the output signal to my monitor because I don't have hdmi on my monitor
  4. I should have mentioned that I have the USB cable plugged into the roxio running to a usb port on the back of my computer, but just thought that would be obvious. But yes I do have that plugged in, it's as if there is just no signal being sent through the hdmi cable to the roxio, which makes no sense because the roxio is labeled as "DEMO" something on my screen resolution settings, and that is what i am setting as my monitor 1 output.
  5. Hello, sorry if my topic title is confusing! Basically I am planning on using my roxio game capture hd pro to stream gameplay from my PC via an HDMI cord directly from my Graphics Card, into my Roxio HDMI Input. Then, until I get my second computer up and running, I want to run a HDMI to DVI cord from my roxio HDMI Out into my monitor. However the problem I am having is when I try this, the monitor that is receiving the signal from the HDMI out is receiving no signal at all. I know this isn't a problem with my hdmi to dvi cord, because when I get the roxio software open in my second monitor, there is no signal shown in the roxio software, even though the hdmi cord is running directly from my graphics cord into my Roxio. However, when I unplug my second monitor, plug in my monitor through dvi, and run an hdmi cord from my graphics card to the roxio, and in screen resolution settings I choose to duplicate the desktop on both outputs, it shows up! To summarize what I am trying to do, I am running my monitor 1 hdmi cable into the roxio, and outputting hdmi to dvi into my monitor. then the second monitor is just running dvi from my computer straight to my monitor, and the second monitor signal works. But my roxio software is saying No Signal when I do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Tyler
  6. SkatecL5

    Show Your Support For Xsplit Support

    Thanks for making that post! I made one last night, but I guess I made it around the same time or right after yours, so a mod pasted it into yours. Quoted from an Xsplit Team Member "Stand by. Will comment on this next week." So it sounds like there is some news coming about it from Xsplit soon!