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    Converting Web Videos

    Part 2 When I try to convert a video with Toast I get a message Youtube.MP4is a unsupported format and can not be imported.
  2. Dave A1

    Converting Web Videos

    I don't know if an update changed something or Mac Keeper changed something. I have never been able to convert FLV but had no problem with mpeg4 ,MP4. MY OS is 10.7.5 Iskysoft downloads with MP4 and FLV, don't see any way to change them. It's the free downloader. Iskysoft has a converter thats costs money, but it works (free with a big water mark on the video ) Thank You Dave A
  3. Dave A1

    Converting Web Videos

    Hi All Hi All I use My Toast 11 to convert Youtube videos. Because my ISP speed is so slow I need to download them with Iskysoft. Things were going good until recently, and now I can't convert anything. I have a Macbook Pro and now have Mac Keeper. What video files should I be able to convert with Toast 11.1? Thank You Dave A.