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  1. Gat

    Only 2 Sec Capture Help

    Why want it work in YPbPr?
  2. Gat

    Only 2 Sec Capture Help

    No thats not cool i will just get a refund. This shouldn't be on the market. When component is used have not got it to work. Just got the thing 10/6/2012 Captue Device has been lost blue screen APC_INDEX_MISMATCH If this cant be solved i need a refund
  3. Gat

    Only 2 Sec Capture Help

    Roxio Game Capture HD PRO 2 second capture thats all it will do any ideas looks like it may be a problem with that. SP1 update done. Just got it in the mail today. It says it capturing but it not. It seems when i hit start capture it takes a snapshot. ??????? But i figured it out i have the to displays 1 main is 32in 2nd 19in. It want record on on 2nd display but fine on 1st display why is this.
  4. Gat

    Pc Recording

    fraps for pc