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    Display Driver Stopped Responding

    I have, and I can't find any solutions that work. So.. Would you be so kind as to help me fix this?
  2. Jscott11894

    Green "no Signal" And Black Screen

    This is EXACTLY MY PROBLEM!!! It is very frustrating..
  3. Hello, I'm new to using game capture hardware. I recently ordered Roxio Game Capture for my Xbox 360. I changed the wires so they work correctly. When I go to click start capture on the software on my computer.. It shows a tiny image of my game screen in the black area where it records, then freezes, and crashes, and restores. The errors comes up as follows: Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered. Now.. I've reinstalled software, and the software update to it, and the problem still occurs. Does anyone have any ideas on what to do here?