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    Ps4 Firmware Update 1.70 (Hdcp Removed)

    Back in September, Shuhei Yoshida confirmed in a tweet about HDCP being removed on the PS4. Nobody knows when. Just recently, they announced a firmware 1.70 update will give you the option to remove HDCP. The firmware update should be here in the next few weeks. This is great news, but not sure the limitation of this. Your thoughts?
  2. UghRochester

    How To Bypass Hdcp For Ps3 And Ps4

    Ah! Sorry about that. The HDMI splitter I provided works, there are numerous videos on YouTube confirming it works with the El Gato. I took the risk and bought one and it works wondefully. Anyways, one of the HDMI splitters that I know doesn't working is a Sewell 1x2 HDMI splitter. Only know this from watching this YouTube video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DNFdFnhjsY. If this isn't a link you're requesting, I did provide a link to the splitter I bought for anyone who wants to know where/how to get one.
  3. UghRochester

    How To Bypass Hdcp For Ps3 And Ps4

    Yes...I'm confirming you mentioning people suggesting HDMI splitters. Not all HDMI splitters that worked with the PS3 will work with the PS4. Some YouTubers found that out. However, this works and it's fairly cheap. I'm just helping people save money.
  4. UghRochester

    How To Bypass Hdcp For Ps3 And Ps4

    I'm not sure whether you guys know this already or not, but there's a cheap way to bypass HDCP on PS3 and PS4. Please don't insult me for being late on this. I used this HDMI splitter for both PS3 and PS4. You'll need an extra HDMI cable, but the setup is simple. PS3/PS4 > HDMI Splitter > Roxio > PC. The nice thing about this is you can take a little stress off the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro by outputting to the TV from the HDMI Splitter. This isn't needed for Xbox 360, you'll still need to set that up normally. Here is a video example of it being used. I was able to broadcast this to Ustream with the help of XSplit. Since it was XSplit, the quality was downdegraded, but still looks great. This was me playing Battlefield 4 on PS4
  5. UghRochester

    No Signal To Tv Or Software!

    EDIT: I posted in the wrong thread
  6. UghRochester

    Ps4 Update?

    Because, you can live stream with the PS4 directly to Ustream and Twitch. It works great, but there's only so much what you can do with it. Sony most likely wants people experience this before they update it. I'm sorry for the Xbox One owners, that aren't able to live stream, yet.
  7. UghRochester

    Ps4 Hdcp Will Go Away In The Future)

    Yeah and many people will think it's happening at launch, when it won't source. It's not going to be happening this year, because Sony doesn't have anymore updates until next year. Maybe then people will be able to stream out through HDMI.
  8. UghRochester

    Ps4 Update?

    It didn't say it would happen at launch... Also, then why would Xbox 360 games be able to output HDMI? You're saying all these companies decided to decline HDCP for Xbox 360?
  9. UghRochester

    Ps4 Hdcp Will Go Away In The Future)

    Source I've seen people post Xbox One and PS4 problems about their signal was block. This means they both have HDCP, which I'm surprised Xbox One does due to Xbox 360 doesn't. However, back in September, Shuhei Yoshida tweeted out about HDCP going away in the future for the PS4, but not at launch. With two PDM (Playstation Dynamic Menu- for those who don't know PS4's new UI titled) updates already with your PS4, it still has HDCP. When will it be turned off to let people capture with their device? That is unknown, but it will happen according to Yoshida's tweet. If you truly want to capture with your game capturing device, you can do the famous HDMI to DVI to HDMI converter to bypass the signal. Fair warning, some products can't bypass it that way either. You may have to search for something that does. No word from Microsoft about HDCP being disabled. -UghRochester
  10. UghRochester

    Ps4 Update?

    I don't want to burst your bubbles, Jim, but Yoshida declared the PS4 won't have HDCP in the future. Though, it will have it now Yoshida's Tweet EDIT: I made a new topic in the "Capture" sub-forum in hopes it gets pinned.
  11. UghRochester

    Very Disappointed...

    Like many others, he's probably going to Task Manager before the program goes to "Not responding." I too love the video capturing. I can record in 720p (that's how high my TV can go to), but I can't LIVE stream. Everytime I do, it crashes and I have to restart my computer in order for it to connect to twitch.tv again. I also wished this wasn't MST2 codec. It would be much better if it was h.264 so people can XSplit and FLME (I used FMLE mainly) for various stream options. Here's my review if anyone wants to read it. http://www.gamerevolution.com/blog/UghRochester/roxio-game-capture-hd-pro-review-92819