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  1. DustinRush

    Need Help, Roxio Setup Interrupted

    Alright, I finally got the install to work, it had something to do with my windows update not working. In anycase sorry for not posting it correctly the first time grandpabruce, and hopefully I do not need to come back to bother anyone again with my troubles.
  2. DustinRush

    Need Help, Roxio Setup Interrupted

    I do hope I posted the LogFile correctly. Also if there are any questions you have, I will try and answer them to the best of my ability. I just want to get this device to work so I can start recording my game play.
  3. DustinRush

    Need Help, Roxio Setup Interrupted

    Sorry about that, I tired again so there should be two files to view. LogFile 12-10-10 17-24.zip
  4. Hello, I just purchased and recived my Roxio HD Capture card, and while I have everything installed right for the wires and what have you, something seems to cause the software install to continuously be interrupted. Here is the log on my most recent try. Edit: Removed log that was added into the next post.