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    Big Poblem Kinda Mad Now

    i do have a good picture on my TV and i am using a universal component av cable witch means it can be plunged in to a Wii Xbox and PS3 but i don't think that's the problem... is it? i looked at my connections and it still wont work but i will unplug everything as soon as i post this and maybe it will work (but i have done that already too)
  2. terifym3

    Big Poblem Kinda Mad Now

    i did and its a ps3
  3. heres a link to a youtube video i made asking fore help http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nBH0hRQtOk
  4. terifym3

    Select Video Device Failed

    i don't know what NTSC or PAL is but i am using Component i have checked my connections and they are all good i have done what you told me to and it has not worked
  5. so i posted this but some how everything got removed and was marked as solved. but whats going on is my roxio game cap device is registered as plugged in ti my comp but wen i go to record it tells me that select video device failed i have attempted many fixes that have been suggested but none work if what i am saying is not enough info just ask fore what you need because I don't know what I'm doing i am using a PS3