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    Complete Toast 11.2 Standard Package On Roxio Software Update Page

    Thank you for your suggestion. Given your proclivity to posting about this product....11.5K and counting! ... your comment about Spin Doctor is not promising. Any feelings about Final Vinyl? I'm not sure it's even still a product, but it used to be a competitor to SD.
  2. electricpencil

    Complete Toast 11.2 Standard Package On Roxio Software Update Page

    Greetings 'Digital', I may have been hasty in using the term "POS" but honestly as long as it took you to read my post is about the length of time I took to try the software for the first time then decide to back...away...slowly before my laptop blew up. I didn't even have a chance to plug my turntable in, import anything - or frankly try anything other than what I described! The experience was pretty dismal. I have a previous version of SD - 6 or 7? not sure - it's idiosyncratic to be sure, but it actually works! Too bad it doesn't work on the updated OS.
  3. electricpencil

    Complete Toast 11.2 Standard Package On Roxio Software Update Page

    "Spin Doctor 1.0. This version is unusable. There is version 1.0.1 that I think one gets from an automatic update within the launched app. That version is usable in some ways." I'd like a definition as to what "some ways" means. I updated to 1.0.1 on a mb pro with the latest everything. First: it imported an .aiff file fine. It even played it. Nice. Then I started adding tracks. I had to leave so I wanted to save and quit. I saved in the native file format as prompted....then, what? No File! I tried the same process again thinking I'd just saved to some other location....once again in native format, it didn't save! No file! One more time I selected a couple of tracks then saved as an .aiff file and it did save, thankfully.....but the tracks were gone when I re-opened the file! When the tracks I'd selected were playing the placement arrow didn't move - the song played but the line stayed in the same spot - and I couldn't pause or stop the music. I had to either let it play on and on or force quit, which I eventually did. Then my OS unexpectedly quit (I've had the laptop for only two weeks!). Then my iTunes library and directory became locked for no reason. A restart of all my devices corrected my iTunes issue, luckily. This release of Spin Doctor is an embarrassing POS - and it's the only reason I bought Toast in the first place! I don't even want to open it again for fear it will corrupt all of my music and my OS.