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    Re-Ordering Clips In Dvd-Video

    Thank you. Yes, dragging up or down the clips should be a simple operation... Thank you for your support. I wish we had resolved this. I am now going to tackle the DVDStudio Pro, the large beast (I was avoiding it for now). Let's see what challenges that await there. Best wishes.
  2. PiMa

    Re-Ordering Clips In Dvd-Video

    Addendum: first name, last name and e-mail address WERE input into that registration window.
  3. PiMa

    Re-Ordering Clips In Dvd-Video

    I trashed "Roxio Toast Prefs" & "com.roxio.Toast.plist" but did not trash all of them AND I still have the same problem. Maybe those other plists (in the picture) should have gone out to. Too much of a hassle right now (as I said, time is tight). I am adding also a picture of my registration saying that I had no address when I did input one - another one of those quirks (after trashing my plists). Thank you anyway, tsantee.
  4. PiMa

    Re-Ordering Clips In Dvd-Video

    Yes, that's what I do. Highlight it (blue background) BUT when I drag it, it does not move that simply - it moves quite a few rows down. Meaning that the move does NOT take place right there by the highlighted clip but further down (about 7 clips down) - which also means I cannot move any clip to the very top of the list. You can imagine how hard it is to deal with any kind of order - like some strange puzzle... (how do end up with clips on top that I want, instead of just affecting the clips below). I simulated that look with the black line that does appear where the clip will be moved to (the shortest distance, down [only]). Forget about being able to move that clip upward... From that middle row, one can only go down. Thank you. FYI Retina MBPro - I would not be surprised that this may be the culprit, but it is just a guess...
  5. Yes, because of the time issue, I am going to take a chance! Thank you, Tsantee.
  6. They are all by my students, done in the US with NTSC equipment, etc... Thank you for your response. IF I find some time I will try your method but time is not easy to come by these days. Still puzzled... but thank you just the same. ----- I would not mind resolving another issue I brought up: how to reorder easily and effectively all of the clips (I have close to 29). I posted that topic... Thank you.
  7. PiMa

    Re-Ordering Clips In Dvd-Video

    The only thing I am able to do is move down or up a TINY bit by looking at a black line across the way (a few rows down), BUT that is NOT a workable solution!
  8. I am puzzled by the warning that appears before burning a DVD. All of my clips are NTSC! Thank you.
  9. PiMa

    Re-Ordering Clips In Dvd-Video

    I have the latest Toast 11 update and am working with 42 clips - I have plenty of Ram (16Gb) - and I try to drag clips up and down in my list but they behave quite erratically. This is most frustrating... Any tips? Thank you.