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    Queston about Chapter Menus

    1. That's too bad -- and surprising, since older products like the ones I mentioned did not have this limitation. 2. Because burning at a speed lower than the maximum rated speed sometimes produces disks with fewer write errors.
  2. I recently bought Cyberlink MediaSuite 8 and am not entirely happy with it, so I would like to find out if Creator 2010 exhibits some of the same deficiencies. 1. In MediaSuite 8, it is possible to author a DVD that has Chapters, and the software allows you to create a Chapter Menu on the DVD. However, when viewing the DVD in a standard DVD player, it is not possible for the viewer to use the "Menu" button on the remote control to return to the Chapter Menu; pressing the button generates an "action not possible" message on screen. (It is possible, however, to use the "Top Menu" button to return to the Title Menu while watching the DVD.) Does Creater 2010 have this same limitation? (My old Nero 6 and DVD MovieFactory 5 did not have this limitation.) 2. In MediaSuite 8, it is not possible to burn a DVD at any speed less than the maximum allowed by the blank DVD. E.g., if the DVD is rated at 16x, it can only be burned at 16x. (The software contains a dropdown to select the desired burn speed, but when the burning process begins, it resets itself to the maximum speed.) Does Creator 2010 contain this limitation? Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.
  3. I authored a DVD using MyDVD 9. I previewed it in MyDVD before burning and the menus looked fine and worked fine. After burning, however, the menus on the actual DVD show misalignment between the menu highlighting and the underlying items that are supposed to be highlighted. Here are some screen shots (taken off the TV): Notice that the orange highlighting is not aligned properly with the white text underneath. (In the MyDVD preview window, there is perfect alignment.) Is there a solution to this problem? (It happens both with two set-top DVD players.)
  4. xatty

    More about avoiding re-encoding of MPEG2

    When I create a DVD using MyDVD, even if it is set to "fit to disc", I do NOT get a grey box. I always get a live preview of the video. Based on what you are saying, this is evidence that it is re-encoding the video, right? So how do I get it to NOT re-encode?
  5. I have been trying to get EMC 9 to author DVDs without transcoding the MPEG2 files I am feeding it. Example: I have an MPEG2 file that is already encoded at 720x480, 4395 Kbps (according to VideoInspector). I can't get MyDVD 9 to turn it into a DVD without re-encoding the video. If I go into Project Settings, I can play with the bitrate, but I can't set the bitrate to exactly 4.395 Mbps (I can make it 4.39 or 4.40 but that's as close as I can get it), and perhaps for that reason MyDVD 9 insists on re-encoding the video. Nero handles this situation much more easily: you chose "Smart Encoding" and then set the bitrate and dimensions to "Automatic" and then Nero just runs with whatever the original MPEG2 file is encoded at. In particular, with the specific file I mentioned earlier (720x480, 4395 Kbps), Nero can author the DVD and produce the VOB files, ready for burning to disk, in 8 minutes flat. MyDVD 9 takes about 6 times as long. Is there some way to get MyDVD to work that simply, or am I doomed to spend hours re-encoding every MPEG2 file I want to turn into a DVD?
  6. I've experienced a number of computer lockups while using MyDVD. The most recent one occurred after I changed the menu style on a project. The project contained one video, and I had created about 18 chapters. I wanted to switch to a menu style that had 6 chapters on each menu, to reduce the number of separate menu screens. After the menu style switch, the preview area correctly showed the new menu style applied. Then, I clicked on the name of one of the menus in the Project area to edit its name, and I got the dreaded hourglass, which persisted for about ten minutes before I finally hit the reset button on the computer. (During that ten minutes, i tried several times to call up Task Manager with Ctrl-Alt-Del but it had no effect.) This isn't the first time the computer has hung while running MyDVD.
  7. xatty

    EMC 9 Slowness

    I have Adobe Photoshop, which I use frequently, and it flies compared to MyDVD. Plus, as I will post in another section of this board, I have had a number of freeze-ups (no error messages, but the computer locks up tight and even Ctrl-Alt-Del can't bring up Task Manager). I regret having bought this program without trying a trial version first. i consider the money wasted.
  8. xatty

    EMC 9 Slowness

    I am new to EMC, having used Nero for the past few years. I was shocked at how slow EMC9 is on my PC. Example: I click on "Create a DVD with MyDVD" in the main EMC control panel. It takes more than a minute before MyDVD shows its face on the monitor. I think that is poor performance. My computer more than meets the system requirements: an Athlon 64 3200+ (running at 2.2 GHz), 1.5 GB RAM, 7200 RPM hard disk. I also find that the program takes forever to respond to many menu choices or edits (e.g., if I change the title of a menu page, it takes forever before it updates and returns control of the program to me). Is this typical of the EMC series of products? Should I expect that program updates will speed things up, or is this program going to be this slow forever?