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    Reg number rejected

    Hi I reinstall emc 9 I have the same problem the program refuse my cd key and I try the program (emc9rmv.exe) it s dont qork for me help me thanks Michel
  2. Hi and thank you to help me when I go to insert a graphic file by clicking on the "Browse" button the program stops. No error messages it just sits and waits...forever. Any suggetions would be gretly thank Michel
  3. michel

    label creator error

    thank you to help me I format my computer and i have the problem (grrr) When I load a picture (brows my computer) the program label creator disapear can you help me thanks Michel
  4. Hi when I want to put a picture from my computer i have a crash this error X0735DFE9 the memory cannot be read I clic ok, and when I clic OK I have another problem from visual basic windows can you help me regards Michel p