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  1. totalchaos1105

    How Do I Title My Livestream?

    you have to go to twitch channel to change the title.
  2. totalchaos1105

    Can't Capture

    my guess going have to remove software and install it again. Make sure the roxio not plug in while installing software again.
  3. totalchaos1105

    Connecting To Twitch Tv Using Roxio

    did you try hitting log in button? Whats your upload speed.
  4. totalchaos1105

    Why Do My Hd Componet Cables Record Only In 480P?

    did you double check xbox and ps3 out putting 720p and 1080i..
  5. totalchaos1105

    Audio Issues

    Do you have Window 7? Did you go to sound right click and go to mixer.. Then turn up volume that way? also Roxio software has volume control did you move that up?
  6. totalchaos1105

    Why Do My Hd Componet Cables Record Only In 480P?

    first double check that you can have ps3 and xbox plug in at the same time. I got similar cable (from monoprice) like that told me only have one console plug in at one time. 2nd make sure each console setup output 720p and 1080i. if all fails.. search youtube for video how set it up.
  7. totalchaos1105

    Live Streaming And Voice

    So is elgato coming out new capture card or is this one on that already out on the market. I agree roxio needs alot work done on its software. If roxio wants to win customer over they should make streaming setup like xsplit for hardcore users.
  8. totalchaos1105

    Huge Delay When Livestreaming

    I did do that. However i still get big delay about 5 min or more. When i watch playback its just fine on twitch. I can stream with better bitrate on xsplit(with hauppauge) then on roxio.
  9. totalchaos1105

    Huge Delay When Livestreaming

    I also had the same problem with delay being over 5 min plus. When I watch stream back on twitch you dont see any lag.
  10. totalchaos1105

    No Signal

    check your component cables going into roxio. Make sure right color match up. If they dont match up you going get blue screen on roxio.
  11. totalchaos1105

    Blue Screen Can't Capture

    Check your cables. Im willing to bet your component cables are plug in wrong. I came across this problem when switching from Hauppauge to roxio. My green and blue were in the wrong spot on roxio. Also try going to your tv input and see if you have game on it. My guess you wont.
  12. totalchaos1105

    Update: Roxio And Xsplit

    same here. I can stream at better bitrate with xsplit then roxio software.
  13. totalchaos1105

    Stream Not Working At All

    How long did you wait while you hit live stream button? Reason i ask this because last weekend i hit it.. I notice i had about 1 or 2 min delay. when i was streaming at 480p with bitrate of 800. After i notice it.. i went down to 360p and lower my bitrate then i notice my delay shrunk alot.
  14. totalchaos1105

    "laggy" Livestreaming?

    i bet going have to lower your bit rate. Try 1300 if that doesnt work try going lower. If you get close to 1100 you going have to stream at 480p. I
  15. totalchaos1105

    "laggy" Livestreaming?

    You might want tell us more about your stream settings. Did you select twitch server close to you what bit rate are you streaming at. Are you trying 720p or 480p.