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    Live Streaming And Voice

    Same elgato that is on the market now.. but they are upgrading their software and going to release it soon where it livestreams direct just like the roxio does and included upgraded editing software also....A bunch of partnered livestreamers have been beta testing the new software for free etc. I'm just trying to warn roxio your not gonna be able to leave it like it currently is and continue to make money... word is getting out about the glitchy software and the under performing livestream function.

    Live Streaming And Voice

    While I know your not responsible for the bad software roxio put out.. i have to totally disagree with you on "my expectations aren't based in reality" lemme give u an example and on both video please watch atleast 2 mins of video so you can see the degredation over time of the roxio in comparison. Both examples using exact same PC, internet, home, xbox and also 720P streaming at 1750 Bitrate using twitch tv East coast virginia server. Example 1- Using a Black magic Intensity Pro cap card with the above specs.. utilizing Xsplit http://www.twitch.tv...sgt/b/318360492 Example 2- Using the Roxio HD with exact same specs/everything minus the Xsplit http://www.twitch.tv...dus/b/338067910 Now you would expect the BMI to be a bit better as it's PCI-E slot cap card... but you would not think it should be this much of a difference. The above is not my expectations are not in reality... it's the roxio software under performing. All were saying is roxio better do a pretty quick & big patch and get this sorted out because the elgato is about to take over this price slot with it's new features ( same as the roxio 1080P capturing plus direct livestreaming coming with editing software built in) and this will mean a heavy loss in potential sales for roxio. Here is an example of the new elgato's direct stream software being tested on the open market http://www.twitch.tv/kona/b/337824661 (please scroll to the 2:40 mark of that video to see actual gameplay and non-degredation over time) etc. I like the roxio and I want to keep it and i want it to succeed... but they are going to have to do better software wise to stay a player in this market.. once word get's out about this stuff.. people will go the other routes. That's what I am saying overall.

    Live Streaming And Voice

    Roxio is failing with this software.. I am sorry but I gotta be honest. The built in live stream is terrible yes it's click and play easy but the quality of it is no where near where it should be. The degrading over time while streaming is a big problem in addition to other issues. The roxio actual techs better do something fast.. the Elgato just started testing on their new direct live stream software ( same function as roxio) and it look crystal clear so far... if roxio doesn't step their game up.. gonna lose alot of business soon. I am sure my post will make some angry.. but I am sorry I have to speak the truth. I like the roxio for capturing but the livestream software and option are very poor.
  4. no let him know just recording gameplay takes up no bandwidth at all other than what your normal Xbox or PS3 uses to play that given game online etc.
  5. let your dad know how much bandwidth you take up streaming depends on how high you set your bitrate for it. It doesn't have to be a high set amount it can be adjusted.

    Quality Issues?

    sorry for being off topic.. but seeing your Speedtest.net thing your right around the corner from me I'm in Lima Also I get the same thing.. game looks solid on stream but as time passes or moving alot ( cod) etc.. it degrades alot. We have plenty of bandwidth and upload but yet this occurs still for me also. An example is below http://www.twitch.tv/dreydus/b/336741812 This is 720P at 1750 bitrate.. even tho my average bandwidth for the roxio shows 2400. Running off a I5 2500K OC to 4.5 ghz with a 6950 HD GPU. it starts off crystal clear but degrades overtime and as you move.

    Why No Midwest Servers

    I have to agree here.. Roxio staff can u guys update your software to include the updated twitch servers. Chicago has been an twitch option for over 2 months now but is still not on your list for this card.
  8. the windows restore thing worked.. the roxio is now rendering videos again. Still unsure what occured because i made no changes but atleast it's back rendering again.
  9. restored to setting from 2 days ago.. still no change. I'm gonna giv eit a rest for a day tho.. I am frustrated way too much right now. usually stuff works out when ya head is cool.
  10. negative to both I did a youtube video last night about 11 pm and rendered and uploaded it. made no changes at all after that and this am went to do another and nothing will render suddenly. But again Movie maker and other programs render just fine.. only the roxio won't suddenly.
  11. Anybody else have this issue pop up? my card has been working alright for 2 weeks now.. Capturing/rendering and also livestreaming. Suddenly today it will no longer render videos.. neither to youtube or just rendering to my PC as a saved video. it now just sits at 0% and it never did this before.. have done over 50 videos on my youtube with the roxio. I uninstalled my software and re installed it (yes sp.1.1) but still it's not rendering videos at all. I tested windows movie maker to be sure and videos upload and render there with no problem so it's not PC related.. it's roxio related. Any ideas?

    Another User Experiencing Crashes

    My roxio started doing this 2 days ago.. after previously running with no issues.. I ended up having to completely wipe clean off my PC and re install the program from scratch.. and for the time being atleast.. it's running ok again. very buggy software.

    Update: Roxio And Xsplit

    i really wish Xsplit would get this done already. have to be honest streaming through the roxio is crappy.. it degrades over time when live.. start's nice and clear but 20 mins into it you can se ethe bit rate has declined alot. The cap card is good .. but streaming while using xsplit can make things so much better.

    Cant Sign In To Justin Tv W/ In The Software

    you guys read it wrong.. he was saying all along his username and password work on justin tv and twitch just fine.. but when he enters that info through the ROXIO equipment something prevents it from going through.

    Roxio Hp Pro Problem (Split From Hijacked Thread)

    are you trying to capture off of PS3 using hdmi?