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    Why Is My Quality Glitchy?

    have you fixed this issue? if not would you mind telling me what resolution you are using on your XBOX and also what is you HDMI Color Space? these can be found on the dashboard all the way to the right under Console Settings > Display i have been having the exact same issue as you and i may have some good news for you.
  2. puzzlle

    Stream Not Working At All

    You can find the SP1.1 update here http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/gamecapture-hd-pro/software_updates.html
  3. puzzlle

    Another User Experiencing Crashes

    Okay so i have decided to update this thread periodicaly with any progress regarding this problem as i believe i am the only one experiencing this issue whilst at the same time being close to resolving it. Update 1. oct 18 14:03.... i am currently stress testing the Capture Card "Roxio HD Capture Pro" with SP1.1 installed, upon experiencing the problem with the Preview Screen glitching out and being unfit for use. Temporary fix i have removed and re-inserted the HDMI Input Cable that carries the signal from the Console (in my case XBOX 360) to the "Roxio" Device. this temporarily resolved the issue for me after a Re-boot of the software. This particular issue seems to arise when one or more of these conditions are met. 1.switching from game to game whilst having the program running 2.watching pre-rendered HD videos 3.switching from a pre-rendered HD video to an in game scene if anyone else has estabblishd that there are other conditions that this issue arises be sure to post in this thread so i can perform my own tests and hopefully come up with a more permanent solution. Update 2. Oct 18 15:39..... So i had been stress testing the capture card using the Temporary fix method (mentioned above) and i managed to run a HD video in perfect quality through the preview screen without any problems, until i switched to a Game, the transition from HD Video to a game caused the issue to appear again (quite frustrating) . so after an hour and a half of perfect quality it has faulted once more. However by performing the Extraction and re-insertion of the Console to Roxio HD Cap Pro Input HDMI it has returned to great quality again whilst In-Game. This is not ideal, but it is one step closer to obtaining a "Consistant" Temporary fix and thats something in my view. I am unaware if Roxio or Corel themselves have knowledge, (and possibly a solution) to this particular issue that could be implemented in an update but i am hopeing that they do. i hope any of you experiencing this issue with the "Roxio HD Cap Pro" and the preview screen Glitching out are able to make use of this thread, as knowledge of this Temporary fix is something i was happy to figure out and share with you guys. i will update again if i figure anything else out.
  4. puzzlle

    Another User Experiencing Crashes

    yes the crashing has indeed appeared to have stopped but now this problem has reared its ugly head. i have performed a disc cleanup disk defragmentation but alas no fix arose from either of those. i have changed cables (whilst retaining the HDMI setup but just new cables) checked for driver updates for my GPU, the Roxio and my moniter, everything i can think of i have updated or refreshed is this problem an acute one or are there more of you experiencing this. and jim thankyou for helping out here. --EDiT to avoid double post-- i can resolve the problem of the screen glitching out like it does shown in the video posted above by removing the HDMI input and re-inserting it seems strange i know but could that mean the problem lies within the Roxio HD Capture Pro or elsewhere? anyway i thougfht that it was worth pointing out that a "Forced Refresh" of the Hardware seemed to of helped. not a permanent fix but it helps somewhat.
  5. puzzlle

    Another User Experiencing Crashes

    Okay so an update to my problems as they currently stand are that, i am experiencing this exact screen glitch that is shown in video form in this thread http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/83830-why-is-my-quality-glitchy/ i have used HDMI as my input/output and this is the only problem that i am experiencing now. i have uninstalled,re-installed,repaired reset i`ve done everything i can think of to fix this as i mentioned earlier in my first post i have installed directx 9 to try to help the problem but still it persists. has any got an explanation for this glitch and why it`s happening or better yet a solution as without this happening i would be very happy tp cpntinue to use this Gamecap hd pro. please help. Also is anyone aware that if Xsplit introduce support for this hardware that this problem will still occur. this is slighlty worrying to me as i cannot find a solution for it and its ruining my broadcasts.
  6. puzzlle

    Another User Experiencing Crashes

    hey thanks for the reply i have indeed installed SP1.1 PC specs are 4.00Ghz AMD FX4100 running Win7 64bit Sapphire 7700 series GPU 6GB RAM i cant see how it could be my computer but as of today the problem i`m having has changed now i`m having a problem with the preview window not displaying correctly it goes really glitchy and weird it`s tough to explain but there is a thread where someone is experiencing exactly the same issue. if i can get this final problem resolved i`ll be happy because i have managed to get my xbox chat voice, my own voice and xbox game audio all in sync and good quality so this final bug is frustrating. i also have re-installed the software before and downloaded direct x 9 from microsoft (i thought that it would help but it didn`t)
  7. hey folks i`ve been perusing these forums all day and certainly dont feel like i`m in my own with this issue but i`m crashing when livestreaming it`s the roxio itself nothing else crashes it just stops streaming and will not respond. my PC is capable of running the software and when it works, it works well but these crashes are getting rediculous i have all the latest drivers i have repaired the thing with the disc i have installed the service pack (although this was achieved through the website not the software updater as the updater holds nothing for me) i am connected right via HDMI and the usb slots are working fine i really dont want to return this capture card but seeing as though so many of us are having these stupid issues i may have to although i do hold hope for a solution. please help me.