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  1. How do I burn to multiple drives from an ISo image? Thanks, David
  2. DG: you have another problem. All I did was double click on the burn from disc Image File and from the Select source window select the ISO file and the Setup window popped up.
  3. Success! I did it...LOL! Many thanks, for your patience to this 81 year old man. David
  4. Where do I find the window, Roxio Classic -Burn Setup? I have a much older Roxio on my other computer called Easy CD and DVD Burning. My ISO files are on the C drive there in Libraries/ Videos. When i click on the ISO file it opens up the Burn Setup. On the computer with Roxio Creator Classic my ISO files are on my G Drive. Should I move them to C Drive and put them in Libraries/ Videos?
  5. Software Name: Roxio Creator 2011 Version: 1.3.166 SP1:5.0.0 Under Data Copy, I have Burn Data Disc Advanced, went to Roxio Creator Classic , clicked on Burn From Disc Image file and clicked on Specicifc File. Dragged the File to Data Disc Project. So far so good. Where do I find the window, Roxio Classic -Burn Setup?
  6. Check with you tomorrow. I'm going to be busy tonight.
  7. I bought this prior to installing Win 7/64.
  8. Thanks, but I have Roxio Creator 2011plain NOT Pro., neither do i have Roxio Classic. Sorry about that so what do i do? Thanks, Dave514
  9. I'm using Roxio Creator 2011 with Win 7/64. I have a DVD Iso Image and I want to burn three discs at one time. How do I do it? Thanks, Dave514