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    "laggy" Livestreaming?

    I tried doing 480p as well, and for some reason it just doesn't want to do it, it started off nice and smooth to begin with.
  2. xDAB

    "laggy" Livestreaming?

    Location; EU London (Secondary) Video Preset: 720p Bitrate: 2250 Checking Bandwidth shows as 1360kb
  3. It seemed okay for 10 minutes to begin with, but now when I attempt to stream, it becomes very slow for viewers to watch, freezing every couple of seconds and making it unwatchable? http://www.pingtest.net/result/70891206.png http://www.speedtest.net/result/2248297974.png I don't have the worst internet in the world, surely should be sufficient. Recording seems perfect, and im very happy with the results, but streaming is just a different matter completely! Thanks in advance for any help. Dan