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    Stream Not Working At All

    So, I cannot get my HD Pro to livestream. At all. I've tried everything. Changed from HDMI to Component, changed the video bitrate, changed my twitch.tv account, changed the server, practically EVERYTHING, and when I click the "Live Stream" button, it goes to my broadcast page, but nothing shows up. It captures fine, but for whatever reason I can't livestream. HELP!
  2. TNTJack91

    Stream Not Working At All

    *UPDATE* I downloaded the SP1 update. Click the live stream button. Still nothing. My page loads but it just shows my picture, still no stream at all. what could I be doing wrong? It captures video fine, idk why it wont live stream right. :/ MORE HELP! X(
  3. TNTJack91

    Stream Not Working At All

    thanks guys! so i checked my bandwidth and my average bandwidth is 1349 kbps. So what should I set my video bitrate as?
  4. TNTJack91

    Stream Not Working At All

    when i check the software manager screen, it says that there's no new updates. but i'll give it a try