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    Live Stream

    it is working again... Thanks everyone for your help
  2. beastmode24

    Live Stream

    thanks i will if i can get the software working again haha
  3. beastmode24

    Live Stream

    haha and now i cant even get a stream to work.... i have uninstalled... reinstalled with the antivirus and firewall off, etc... is there any time frame on when we can expect working software?
  4. beastmode24

    Live Stream

    that helped quite a bit i can get up to like 1600 kpbs now... is that about as high as i am going to get with a 40down/5up?
  5. beastmode24

    Live Stream

    thanks yes I have installed SP1.1 I will try what you did in the video later... appreciate the help
  6. beastmode24

    Live Stream

    I have 40 down/5 up internet but whenever i go to live stream and check my bandwidth the most i can get is about 800 Kbps... I have selected the closest location to me... I was hoping to be able to stream in HD but if I try it is choppy... What is the deal is there a way to fix this?