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  1. erasmo

    Live Streaming Stops Randomly

    i have the same problem
  2. erasmo

    No Audio

    compenent and add in the mic audio mmm im lost ...... can u send me when is finish or a preview cause is a try several programas to add audio but always is somenthing wrong mvp_26@hotmail.com
  3. erasmo

    Roxio + Turtle Beaches

    i use thi setup to livestream from astro mixamp to in mic in my pc but if im only capturing my voice no have sound ? what i can do ???????
  4. erasmo

    Livestream Delay

    How can add time delay to the livestream???? i want to livestream but i have to delay the stream from the actual game ! who can i do that ?????
  5. erasmo

    No Audio

    or what setup i can do for record live-commentary ?
  6. erasmo

    No Audio

    mmmmm any suggestions ???
  7. erasmo

    No Audio

    Hi i have a problem with the roxio game capture HD when im capturing my voice is not heard in the same setup i do livestream and my voice is heard perfectly..... i check up the configuration and i dont see a problem what can i do ?
  8. erasmo

    Roxio On/off

    so r no way that can i play with out the computer on :/
  9. erasmo

    Roxio On/off

    i dont receive signal in the tv if that pc is not on or the roxio is not conected to the pc ! if anything i can do to fix this... because sometimes i only want to play no record or livestream but i turn on my xbox and no signal until i turno on the pc