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    Constant Crashes, Freezes, Lack Of Signal.

    My current pc is brand new and I haven't changed any graphics settings. Anyway, I just found out that xsplit is now compatible with the hardware and I'm having no problems using their software. Thanks anyway.
  2. I have been having the same problems that most people posting here have had. No signal in red, software crashing after a stream. I have read and tried all the solutions posted here for months. Still, the only way that this program works is if I uninstall, reinstall and restart my computer after each use of the card. I've had the same problem on two different machines. One old and one brand new. Right now my capture window has frozen and even task manager can't close it (not the first time). I just want to know if I can have this thing stay stable for more than a day. My specs are attached. DxDiag.txt
  3. Odinez

    Live Streaming And Voice

    I think he's talking about the delay between what is being captured and what is actually being displayed on the stream. When I first started using the HD pro; over the course of a one hour stream the delay would go from a few seconds to 60 seconds or more! Not a pgogrammer but it seemed that every time there was some lag, the HD pro's solution was to continue the stream rather than drop frames and catch up with the capture. It became a much smaller issue when I picked the closest twitch server to my location (which is a no brainer). It still happens, but to a smaller extent.
  4. Odinez

    Audio Commentary/game Audio Separate?

    It's also worth noting that my contrast seems to be very low and I have no idea how to fix that. It's not a problem with bright games like Assassin's Creed but in darker games like The Walking Dead it can be practically unwatchable.
  5. Odinez

    Audio Commentary/game Audio Separate?

    If you use the mic it simply adds your voice over to whatever sound the game is producing. However, I have not as yet seen any controls for mic levels in any of the software's menus but I found the default level to be adequate. The only problems I have is that I have a terrible microphone that need to be replaced. I stream on twitch.tv/odinez if you want to see what I mean.
  6. Yeah the software is definitely not ready yet. However, like anything new, you can find a snug place between workarounds and duct tape until the fixes come in. At the very least they're trying to make console streaming simpler than it's ever been.
  7. Odinez


    First I should say that I'm not really a tech guy. First off, it's a good idea to post your pc specs. I had frequent crashing when I started using the software when streaming to twitch. I reinstalled, got the update but it would constantly drop the the stream and freeze up in less than an hour. Basically what solved it for me was not to have my twitch stream running while I was streaming. I usually monitor my stream at the twitch dashboard. After I clicked the hide video button I the program stopped crashing. Don't know why. Someone out there probably does. You can also open up a support ticket with roxio I suppose. Good luck.
  8. I'm having a slightly different issue. My stream quality is excellent, Sound and v.o work, but the capture screen freezes every 30 minutes or so of streaming. Also, whenever I try to update to SP1, the software manager says 1.0 in the corner (which I assume is the current version I have, but no new updates are found. I hope this means that I already have the update installed. Anyway, the freezing issue is the most annoying thing right now.
  9. Odinez

    Installation Fail

    Not the same issue but related. I just reinstalled the software to see if that would help a freezing issue I was having. I know that I have to run the S.P again, so I clicked check for updates and... How do I get the program to update?
  10. Odinez

    Another User Experiencing Crashes

    So I've been dealing with the original problem of having the stream drop and the program freeze an I'm thinking about trying the solution that Jim was talking about. When you say turn off AV, firewalls etc what additional programs or processes are you talking about. Just want to be thorough when I get started.