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  1. Hello everyone. I hope im in the right place here to get some help on this I am trying to use toast 7 to burn some avi/divx files to dvd. however, i also have seperate subtitle files which i would like to include in the burn, so that when you play the dvd, it has subs as well.... just to be clear, i am trying to make a dvd format disk, so not a data disk with the avis on them. i really want to burn this for dvd players. my 1st question is, is this possible at all? and if it is, can anyone tell me how to do this? Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers,
  2. patmarkus

    Burning Avi/Divx to DVD with subtitles, HELP pls!

    Thanks for clearing that up mate do you have a suggestion for software?