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  1. I recently bought a component cable to use my roxio on the ps3, the PS3 doesn't recognise it. What am I doing wrong? The TV just goes blank.........
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    Tv Goes Black And White

    OK, Thanks! I'll go buy them off of Amazon or something!
  3. I bought my Roxio Game Capture back in May, to start my youtube channel. It worked fine on my XBOX360 but when I switched to my PS3 it stopped working. I have watched many youtube videos and did everything step by step... My TV still will go Black and White, and the software will say 'No Signal'. :/ I have the older AV cables (red, white and yellow) as oppose to the new ones (red, blue and green) all of the people on youtube have these newer AV cables. Can any one tell me what colours on the old AV cables match up to? or give me any other solutions (I have attempted but failed many times to change the settings). Hope the problem description helps you try and fix my problem! thanks, ZaksArcade!