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  1. I have 32 .. in my dvd yes will try that with the cd .. Thanks for your help --- Have to run Vance
  2. It is there ...and I have burned it to cd ...(like copying the file ) ??? Is it any other way to burn it ...so it will show up like a cd with all the content ? Vance
  3. Ok thanks I will try that ... Vance No .... I cant point to the program ...got no options at all , just insert the cd . Vance
  4. Yes I have done that ...it installs itself ..but have no idea where ..goes automatically and seems to work fine . Still.... get this question when trying to make a calendar ...please insert the EMC9 Content cd in the drive ??? Vance
  5. Hi I bought them on the web in the" Roxio Store " and came in two files : Roxio EMCSuitev 9.0 efisd R03 exe -592MB and Roxio Content CDv9.0 sui exe 336 MB. Vance
  6. Hello I`m kind of new in this computer "game" . I just wonder ,,could anyone please explain how and where I install the content CD . I have it one a file... EMC 9 Content exe ...( bought it on the web) Wen I just click on the exe file it installs itself ..but when I try to make ...f.eks ..a calendar , Roxio want me to put the Content cd in a drive ...??? Anyone have any idea why ?? and what to do ?? Vance
  7. vance

    PhotoSuite Question

    Hello , I have the same problem on my computer , when I try to make a calendar I get the same message.I have tried all the things you have tried , but ended up just like you . If you have found the answer to the problem , I would sure like to hear about it . Sorry that I cant help you Vance Norway (e-mail removed to prevent spam)
  8. vance

    Trubbel using Cineplayer

    Ok , I will try the same , will uninstall and remove all files next time ......thanks for letting me know Vidar
  9. vance

    Trubbel using Cineplayer

    First thanks for the answer . I have the cineplayer that are included in the EMC 9 . I think it has something to do with the codek pack , have installed the sofware for EMC and the content software twise, but still cant play a dvd cd. I get this message : A network error occured while attempting to read from the file : C:/ docume¨1/VIARB¨1/ locale.temp /pft32 temp/e00ee.msi Any idea what that means ??
  10. Can anyone help regarding error messages using Cineplayer Hven I try to play a dvd record (not homemade) i get error cant read from the temp folder in C ...... . Any idea what to do ? Vance from Norway