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    New Photoshow Creation From Desktop Version

    Yes, I've Uninstalled then re-installed the software from the website earlier this week. I did get a Toshiba external drive for back-up in November but can't understand why that would cause the problem. The only thing I do is have Windows updates applied automatically. Not sure if Windows has caused the problem. I do have plenty of space on my hardrive. My problem is not the upload but having the software load to create a new photoshow from the desk top version.
  2. I've been trying to create a new photoshow through the desktop version but the software will not load. I get the blank screen with the loading circle spinning without loading to ask for the choose the file for uploading. I'm on version 6 and have the Premium Service; PC with Windows 7. Have been creating photoshows for years but recently have experienced this problem since 2015. Any thoughts as to why I can't create new photoshows? All my old shows are still posted and can be viewed.