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    Audio Delay Problem

    VHS cameras send an Analog signal which can be out of sync. Do not record strait from the VHS camera if you want to record in High Quality To fix this you can use a Time Base Correction device which can be expensive. I used an old Home Theater Receiver I have, between the camera and computer and this worked for me. If you can, try to use a VHS player, Home Theater or something which may fix the signal from the video camera, don't connect the camera straight to the computer if it gives you audio delay in High Quality. Have none of that, lower the video quality. Hope this helps.
  2. Rock 022

    Audio Delay Problem

    Here is what I did for recording High Quality video. I used a RCA to S-Video cable connector This made the audio be a little closer to the video, and the video seems to have a sligthly better quality than a regular RCA connection. I used QT sync (thanks tsantee!) It took a while for me to understand but at the end it is a very easy and simple to do. Finaly my movies are good to go. In Medium quality I saw horizontal lines all around people and objects when the camera was moving but not a big deal for some videos I have and sound was good. Hope this helps some of you.
  3. Rock 022

    Where Did My Movie Go?

    Ok, so being that it was my first video, it seems that you may not change the name after the recording is done, I have not tried this with other recordings. I never saw the "cancel" or "do not save" button. I have recorded many other videos succesfuly and had deleted unwanted video. The HDD space remaining bar has changed when I delete videos, I wished I had paid attention to this bar in the first recording, this would have given me a clue to know if the video remained in my HDD or not.
  4. Rock 022

    Audio Delay Problem

    I had the same problem when recording in High Quality. After changing the quality to medium the audio is fine, although the picture quality suffers a little. What I see different in quality is more horizontal lines in edges of people and objets when the camera moves, not enough to bother with some videos but may hurt videos that already have very low quality. I might try QT sync latter. Has any one had a good experiance with QT sync? or, is it a bit tricky to match audio?
  5. Rock 022

    Where Did My Movie Go?

    I was able to complete a two hour recording, and trimmed it too. When I clicked save it said that I had an invalid name for the movie and... that was it. I can't find the movie anywhere. The video went blank after that and it was ready for another recording. "Edit" I downloaded the software today and was able to update it. Roxio Video Capture Version 2.0.1 (134)