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  1. cbankfixpc

    Burning Stops At 84-86%

    I apreciate your support. Actually I got it to complete by removing a photshop jpg and burned without music But now I get this msg. Failed to start the image writing operation Error while Burning Image 80004003 Error while Aborting My DVD is blank I will look at the ADVANCE option to burn. Never b/4 have I had to change to wav files but I will give a try. my 1st Creator product was 2010 and never incountered any issue or have a Advance option. Are you using transitions? YES I am using sound (a kiss) effects? YES hummmm "double transitions"? I dont think so. you are great thanks
  2. cbankfixpc

    Burning Stops At 84-86%

    I am burning a DVD. I did the deselect burn to disc and select burn to either an ISO file or a folder set same results. I am making your own menu. HOw amy videos? this is small I have made much bigger, currently 36 photo's. This is a new Intel laptop CPU 2.5. 4 gig memory
  3. cbankfixpc

    Burning Stops At 84-86%

    I created my very first video on Creator 2012 and it was nice until I started burning my CD. The burn just stopped at 84%. I even left it over nite and it was just sitting there. Any suggestions?