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    I had the same problem too (Blue Screen, No Signal when I connect my Xbox to the composite input). I did everything what was told to fix it, but nothing worked! Shortly before I decided to bring the capture card back I tried the following: I deinstalled everything (that came with the Capture card), rebooted the computer and plugged the capture card. The operating system reported new hardware and that there is a problem installing the device driver. Next I installed the 64-bit-drivers from the roxio-cd manually. After this I could see the new hardware in the device manager and everything seemed to be OK. Then I installed the "rest" of the software using the standard installation routine. And then... it works! I think, the standard installation process uses the 32-bit-usb-drivers and this was the problem (because I use Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit), but I´m not shure. But anyway, now it works and I´m happy with it.