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    Playing Ps1 Games On Ps2 - No Tv Output.

    Jim your splitter is old model (1x2 ). My model is CVID BG-550 (1x4 3D feature). Various sites sell using other name brand but work too Look here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/290857674191?afsrc=1 If you can, I made a video today...
  2. Master Video Editor

    Playing Ps1 Games On Ps2 - No Tv Output.

    Hi Jim, Its a not fault on RGHD, its limited by PS2 device. Capcom never fix this on some games. PS2 work normal by component 2 hdmi converter. On direct input in RGHD its ok, no record HDCP signal but use a powered HDMI splitter...You can. Every source HDCP (Bluray, PS3, cable channels...) is beat by splitter. Tested in various capture cards too. Try it. Its beatiful thing!!!
  3. Master Video Editor

    Playing Ps1 Games On Ps2 - No Tv Output.

    99% PSX games are 240p output only. Because this no will work in PS2 captured by RGHD. Some PS2 games like Megaman X Collection not work in Componente output, its because 240p limited. To record PS3 via HDMI input on RGHD is necessary any HDMI powered splitter. MVE
  4. Master Video Editor

    Roxio Features!

    Hi guys, Have a some doubts. My list: 1 - Its preview PS3 via HDMI? Not record, watch only. 2 - Play in fullscreen? 3 - Upload 1080p to YT? 4 - whats maximum bitrate? 5 - Its possible: PS3 connected via component and used HDMI to passtrough to my TV? 6 - Its possible: PS3 connected via HDMI and used HDMI to passtrough to my TV? 7 - Can record using other software? If can, what? 8 - Maximum stream resolution and bitrate? its all. Thanks.
  5. Master Video Editor

    Roxio Features!

    Thank you for Reply Jim. Some doubts is gone now.
  6. Master Video Editor

    Ps3 Black Preview Screen

    This is not a common problem, but what happens in some capture cards. Just turn on the PS3 and hold the power button pressed, will hear 2 BIPS, release the button. Will reset the PS3 video settings and there you make a new test. Maybe solve this.
  7. Hi plp, Its a very easy way to get this. Download AVIDEMUX (freeware, no codec pack is necessary): http://downloads.sourceforge.net/avidemux/avidemux_2.6.0_win32.exe Install, run and load your .m2ts file. after this, only set like screenshot above: Save this (added extension automatic)...2,3 seconds after and finished. Get your file full compliant for desired video editor. NO CONVERSION WILL MAKE. Tested using: Vegas 10, 11, 12, Cyberlink PD 9, 10 and 11, AVS Editor 6.2, Adobe Premiere CS6, Corel Video Studio X5.
  8. Master Video Editor

    Why Is My Quality Glitchy?

    RGC HD is hardware encoder. If problem is only Forza, probably USB transfer rate. .m2ts use H264 codec. H264 is VBR on encode. Minus action = minus USB transfer rate = minus bitrate = no problem in record file. More action = more USB transfer rate = more bitrate = possible problem in record file. Try another "action" game and look for error. If get same error, change your USB port (use back if desktop).