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  1. Thanks for intelligent answer to problem.
  2. Obviously English is not your first language, I said some CDs cannot be ripped. As the screenshot shows.
  3. It doesn't matter which version of Roxio you have, certain CDs cannot be ripped to the hard drive, it isn't your computer nor your CD, it is a bug in the Roxio software which the developers are still not able to fix, it is still present in the latest Roxio version. http://my.jetscreenshot.com/11869/20141019-sa4q-128kb.jpg
  4. Nic6

    can not rip audio from cd

    The solution is thus, Click on the ADVANCED RIP option and choose 'My Music' folder as your destination folder. When you press START the audio CD will be ripped with the CD text information. Below is a screen print. Hope this helped. http://my.jetscreens...-gcno-116kb.jpg
  5. Nic6

    can not rip audio from cd

    This error is a software bug and is incorporated in version 2011 & 2012. Some CDs will be ripped with no issues, others cannot be ripped. It is not a computer error. Unfortunately Roxio were unable to rectify the problem before releasing the '2012' edition. Screenprint below. http://my.jetscreens...8-roeb-94kb.jpg