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    Hdmi To Hdmi Xbox No Sound To Tv Or The Captured Game

    Ok so this is kind of tricky but simple. Go to the xbox's options and look for the audio settings. Change the audio to Stereo and it should work just fine.
  2. GamersToast

    No Picture On My Tv Only Preview Window

    <.< Ok so when I record with the longer HDMI cable my TV alternates from a blue screen to the game but on my computer in the preview window it shows whats going on in the game but it has like a 2-4 seconds lag. When my friend used a shorter HDMI cable with his laptop it works and there are no problems with the TV. Sorry for being unclear before I was kind of busy. Thanks :S
  3. GamersToast

    No Picture On My Tv Only Preview Window

    So after searching through the endless edges of the internet, I have finally stumbled upon this pretty much dead forum thread. Thinking that I would solve my problems and finally get this frustrating thing to work, it has nothing to offer me. Someone better find a solution to this because I need to make more videos for my channel. Things you should know: - Since I have a desktop, I use a fairly long HDMI cable just so the tv and xbox can reach the Roxio HD Pro. - I'm having the exact same problems as these other people, only I am having problems with HDMI... -These problems do not occur with my friends laptop, but when I use the longer hdmi cables. -Whats going on with the xbox shows up on the preview screen but my TV screen has a blue screen saying "Not Support!" or whatever... -My tv flickers from working to going back to blue screen so its not constant AT ALL. *This is starting to *^$$ me off a lot so please help me if you can THANKS YO.