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  1. Schuney

    Final Cut Pro Chapters In Toast

    Okay, I'll try to set them manually without text. Maybe just have it start up on disk load. iDVD was more fun, but they don't do Blu-ray.
  2. Schuney

    Final Cut Pro Chapters In Toast

    Hi: I've got a Blu-ray project using FCP export. I burned the project with chapters set to automatic. There are titles but they don't seem like they are in the right place at all. Is there a fix for this? If I put them in manually can I edit the text to give chapters a title? Schuney
  3. Schuney

    Chapters From Final Cut 7

    Thanks Digital Guru: I may have to put them in manually because automatic didn't pick them up for some reason. Schuney
  4. Schuney

    Chapters From Final Cut 7

    Hi: I've exported from Final Cut 7 in Bluray (264). There are chapters on my Final Cut timeline, but they weren't picked up by Toast Titanium 11. I know I've done this successfully before but can't remember how to get my chapters recognized. Help appreciated. Schuney
  5. Schuney


    I've got FCP 7 exporting as H.264 to Toast. The Blu Ray DVD came out fine but didn't pick up on the Chapters from FCP. Is that something it can't do?
  6. Schuney


    Hi: I've got Toast Titanium 11 and I want to change the fonts on the DVD menu. Is that easy to to? Schuney