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  1. Unfortunately, I haven't had the available cash to buy an HDMI splitter. However, I did find one bad link in my setup; I was connecting my Roxio to a USB splitter (So I would have more USB slots to work with), which would then give it power from the laptop. When I decided to directly connect it to the laptop, I was able to get the extended display to work (So I now have a panoramic display between my laptop and my TV). My next thing to work on now is adjusting the refresh rates of my devices (Since they don't match up, and therefore won't let me display on one device or the other; only extended display). Seems my ultimate bad link was that Belkin USB Splitter.

  2. Not sure how else to make my TV set to that HDMI port other than to hook my HDMI cables to it and select that port on my TV output. The manual for my Emerson TV also says that it supports HDCP.


    I did find another interesting tidbit though. While I was thinking of how else to fix this error, I had my setup still hooked in and, after a small period of time, the message on the screen changed to this


    "Resolution mismatch! Change device's resolution."


    This further perplexes me, because I don't think I can change my Roxio's resolution (nor do I think that's even a thing), so I'm trying to change the picture format on my TV to see if that helps.

  3. Roughly 2 years ago, I got a Roxio HD Pro to use with my 360. Shortly after that, I got an HDTV so I could record in HD. All was going well, and I eventually moved on to recording my PC with the Roxio (connecting my laptop to the input and the TV to the output). This worked perfectly, but I did stop doing this for quite awhile.


    Fast forward to now, and I've decided to try recording some PC gameplay once again. I perform the same setup (with the same TV, laptop, Roxio, and cables as before), only to be met with this on my TV screen:


    "This TV does not support the output format, video resolution, and/or refresh rate being sent by the connected device."


    This perplexes me, because I can connect the TV straight to my laptop and it will display just fine. It's only when I'm trying to feed through the Roxio that I get this issue. Could it be due to an update that the Roxio has received? I haven't used it to try to record PC footage in over a year and a half, so I may have very well not seen some of these updates come to pass.

  4. This is probably a stupid question, but I wanted to be sure of this before I decided which Roxio to get. I have an older TV (One from the early 90's) and I want to get the Roxio HD PRO. I know I can't hook an HDMI cable to this TV, but I can use component cables. I was wondering if, because I'm using a different connection, I could still get a decent quality recording (Higher than 480p, preferrably 720p), or if I should save my money and get the standard Roxio Game Capture.