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  1. I have the Microsoft rechargeable that I can recharge two battery pack at once. When I plug my charger the light turn green and disappear. Normally i will see a red light telling me it's charging and when it's fully charge it turn green. I even try using the usb charge kit that you plug from your controller to the xbox or any device that have a usb port. And it still won't charge. Could i be the battery die? I didn't know those battery charger could die. ___________________ wii charger ps3 charger dock xbox 360 charger dock
  2. I want to but a friends PSP 2000. It has regular scratches and what not. He has about 10 games and 15 movies. How much would you say is a reasonable price. I was thinking $80.00 because UMD's are super cheap and at some places you could get a PSP 3000 completely refurbished for $119.00. Or should i just keep my cash? ____________________ PSP 3000 Case PSP 2000 Charger PSP 2000 Adapter