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  1. For the last 15 years I have saved over 5000 CD's as .sd2f files using Toast 7, 11, 15.2 on an older Mac. There are many times I want to extract some or all files from the sd2f as wav and have always done so but the files never add the ARTIST info that is saved in the sd2f. So is there any way with existing or current Toast version to extract a wav from the sd2f and get a title like Madonna - Burning Up.wav instead of just the song title. Would seem like a simple thing for the program to do since I entered the info in when I created the sd2f file.
  2. I too have problems with skips when burning DVDs with individual vob files (such as extracted music videos) that are not in a VIDEO_TS folder. My solution has been to use MPEGStreamclip to convert the vobs to dv files - which take up a lot of space - and then drag them into Toast and burn a DVD.
  3. I have a lot of sd2f files saved from ripping full cds. In Toast 7 I could open these up again and extract individual audio tracks and save them as aif files. How can i do this in Toast 9????
  4. I just upgraded to Toast 9 from 7. Before when ripping audio CD's I dragged the CD icon into Toast, it checked CDDB, and then I could extract one, some, or all files to a specified location. Now with Toast 9 it just starts extracting right away. Where is it dumping the tracks and how can I change the saved location (sometimes I don't want the tracks on my main drive BEFORE I save as disc image, etc)
  5. When using Toast 7 to extract audio tracks, my external PLEXTOR PX-716UF hangs during extraction of the first track, and often I can't Force Quit Toast until I turn off the Plextor drive. It just hangs and won't eject the disc manually. Yet Toast extraction works fine with two other burners I have tried. And the Plextor works fine in every other way. I bought the Plextor less than six months ago and it was swapped once before for this problem and putting marks on some of my discs. WIthout diagnosing any problems (apparently they don't care) Plextor swapped for a new unit which was dead on arrival. Sent that one back and got the current one which was working OK until last week with this hang problem. Plextor just issued another RMA for me but they have no idea why this is happening. Before I waste more time and shipping does anyone have any ideas on this problem?