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    Problem With The "capture" Function

    I've done some tests with the computer that the software works on. I took the gpu out of it and put it into the PC that i'm having troubles with, that didn't work. So I cant come up with a solution. My main PC (the one that the software doesn't work on) compared to the other pc that the software DOES work on are quite similar. The differences are the processor and GPU (my main has an I7 and a GTX 550 TI 1GB while the other has an older Intel processor and a cheaper card.) and that's just about it! Both are running windows 7 home edition and service pack one, AND both GPUs are running on Direct X 11. Its just hard to believe that the software wont work on my main pc but it works on the other one with such small differences. I could post specs of both if needed.
  2. Tanky53

    Problem With The "capture" Function

    No, it works on ONE computer but not my main one. BOTH computers have the same OS and service packs. This is doing my head in!!
  3. Tanky53

    Problem With The "capture" Function

    Do you have any idea why this is doing this? The thing is, it works on another PC I have, its the same OS and service pack/updates but my main pc has the better processor and GPU but It runs without a hitch! This is quite interesting! So I tried to contact customer support, there is no direct contact number so I went through the online store support and they gave me 2 bogus numbers, I submitted a help ticket with no reply! Any help/suggestions?
  4. Tanky53

    Problem With The "capture" Function

    Nope!It still does the same thing!
  5. Tanky53

    Problem With The "capture" Function

    I've done this already! But i'll try it again.
  6. Tanky53

    Problem With The "capture" Function

    Okay, maybe somebody can help me here! I've uninstalled, disabled, re installed, repaired and a bunch of other things to the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro software, but when I click on capture, the loading box comes up for a split second and disappears!! I've check the forums and did what was posted on there to no avail! This is my 5th hour messing with this thing and I'm getting pretty frustrated, any help?