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  1. This is not the first time with this problem but it reared its head again. Only on my Windowss 7 x64 machines (not on Vista Home 32) CinePlayer since tonight has been constantly giving me a "configuring CinePlayer" notice then what ever program I am using crashes. I had the same problem in May then it disapeared until today when downloading media files with Firefox. Clicking on save brings up the CinePlayer note then Firefox crashed (multiple attempts). CinePlayer is installed correcfly and has now problems when I use it to play files including DVD's. Reinstalling it the last time made it worse, meaning all I had to do was open a folder with a media file in it and it would crash (before only clicking on a wmv file would do it). Why it went away last time and has know returned is unknown. There is no default file types listed for CinePlayer so there should be no calls for it. The saving media file from in Firefox is new. I usually use SMPlayer nad have not had any froblems opening files from within the program as of yet.
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    Cineplayer Problems

    On a Winows 7x64 computer when I open a wmv file with windows media player a window popsup configuring cineplayer which then crashes and does not alow windows media player to play the video until I reboot the computer. I am using Roxio Creator 2011 plus. This has been a constant problem and the only advice that suport gave me was to reinstal Creator but now it dose it when I open any folder with any video files in it. Cineplayer is installed and configured and works properly. It only effects my x64 computers (two) and not my 32 bit computers. Any suggestions short of replacing Roxio Creater would be appreciated.
  3. I have the same problem with Creator 2011. It started out that Windows Media Player 12 would start it when I played WMV file and would take 2 - 3 reboots to cure for several weeks. Now it crashes Firefox when I try to download FLV files from youtube using easy youtube downloader and reboots have not had any effect on it. The computer I am using is Windows 7 x64 home premium. Up until now it was just every several months that opening WMV files in WMP would cause it, now downloading FLV files in Firefox is doing it constantly.