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    File Type .zl - How Do I Open This?

    That's the problem; we were given this disc by the police. One problem in our industry is everybody works as autonomous units (think different city, different software / leadership / way things work). We get a lot of discovery (usable evidence in court) in proprietary audio and video formats that then need to be converted for use in Court - as the courthouse only excepts Video that can be played in a standard DVD player or audio that can be played in a standard CD player. I have at least a dozen different proprietary video players from bus surveillance systems to jail call audio all in different formats - or better yet, the audio will be in .wav format but has a stupid proprietary wrapper around it so it can only be played in that software. Often times, these players aren't usable in Windows 7 either, which makes things more difficult with the 2014 end date for Support for XP from Microsoft. Also, you have major egos involved between the senior leadership of different law segments who don't always play nice in the sandbox, thus standardization is very difficult to achieve. Thanks again,
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    File Type .zl - How Do I Open This?

    Thank you very much for the quick reply. I first tried an XP VM in Windows 7 (which didn't see the files) and then tried an old media machine we had that had XP installed (but it was so bad off Windows Explorer would fail every time I tried to open the disc). I was able to use another XP machine we had that was in better condition that the old media machine. When I put the disc it in saw the files that Windows 7 couldn't see. I was able to copy them off of the CD, on to the desktop and then burn them to another CD. The files on the newly burnt CD are viewable in Windows 7. Backstory - After talking with the attorney again she said the CD had originally become corrupted when she was view it months ago (when she put in the original ticket). I informed her that that would have been very useful information to put in the new ticket >_< Thanks again for the quick reply. I hope this thread can help others in the future.
  3. Hello, I work for the District Attonrey's Office and we have received a CD with files on it that I am having difficutly viewing. For reference I am using Windows 7 Pro, but do have access to a machine with XP on it if I must use that. I am writing in this forum as the CD was created 1/9/2004, so I thought this might be the best place for it. I have read online that Easy CD Creator is needed in order to view the .ZL files. When I put the CD into the PC, Windows sees 3 files. Autorun.inf UdfrChk.exe udfrinst.zl When I use Roxio CD Creator 2010 Pro and select Disc Information I can see 3 other files Session 1 01 - Data Track Mode2 XA Start: 0:00 Length: 1.0mb 02 - Data Track Mode2 XA Start: 0:06 Length: 4.7mb Session 2 03 - Data Track Mode2 XA Start: 3:11 Length: 1.7mb The attorney assigned to this case has told me she has been able to view these files in the past but had to have a program installed on her machine in order to do so. Unfortunately, the office has experienced employee turnover in the IT department and none of the techs who would have been around to install this program on her machine are still around. The office has also moved to a new ticketing system recently and all old tickets and their notes have been lost. The attorney also told me that there are supposed to be phone records of some sort on here. Does anybody here have any suggestions on what I need to do to get access to these files? The case this belongs to is an SVU case and any help would be greatly appreciated.