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  1. Not even 5 hours with this product and i already want to return it my streams / recordings are sooooooooooooooo slow its annoying i did a test stream and it never loaded i did a test recording it took 5mins to do a 2min part with all the lag it took forever to do everything its so annoying i may return it already please tell me theres a solution for this problem
  2. well i wonder how those who did reviews of it did it cause it makes no sense 2 me
  3. so does your link tell me how 2 get no lag in recording?
  4. i am just mad that its so slow and ugly bad i will do just recordings and not streams.......but why is it so bad
  5. BubbaX

    Questions...about The Possibilities

    i hope so But now i need to figure out how im going to wire all this...... my computer has a HDMI slot but my tv has 2 hdmi slots lol
  6. BubbaX

    Questions...about The Possibilities

    cause ps3 appertlly cant do hdmi so ima use HD composite cables these http://www.walmart.com/ip/Universal-HD-AV-Combo-Component-Composite-Cable-with-7-Tips/20970610 So could I do ps2 and Wii streams/recording?