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  1. speaking of that my car wont run i put gas in a hole somehwere on my car i think my car isnt working i hear a noise what is the issue :P


    but serriouslly


    I have the plugs all put into the input for the roxio device the only 2 that arent used (red to red input audio and video green blue and white audio) only 2 not used are a yellow cable and a S-video cable i think

    the HDMI slot of the output is plugged into the tv

    the usb is in a pc

  2. how come my preview screen for roxio is so slow though

    it has a 5-30 second delay (depending on the actions i do)

    Like pushing start takes 5-30 seconds before it accually pushes Start

    any ideas with that???


    also can i record via xsplit because quality and slowness still come from Roxios incapture and it made a ugly video with crappy video quality and crappy recording quality