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  1. Solution

    If I Use Hdmi, Can I Record In 60Fps?

    Just to let you know, if you record in 720p at 60FPS and the game plays is 30FPS, the recorded footage will say that it's 60FPS when it's actually 30FPS. Since the game doesn't play in 60FPS, it will duplicate each frame making it a lackluster 60FPS recording(not true 60FPS.
  2. Solution

    Can I Capture 1920X1080 60P ?

    No you cannot, there is only one capture card on the market that can but I can't say it here(I'll get banned apparently). If you record in 1080i, you can essentially get 60FPS by bob de-interlacing(many methods, Google it). Also, I'm assuming you're trying to record/live stream PC gameplay. If not, then you have to understand that most console games don't run at 60FPS, so it would be pointless. So recording in 720p is your best bet.
  3. Solution

    Hd Pro With Playstation 2 ?

    Yes you can, the PS3 and PS2 component connectors are the same.
  4. Solution

    Can I Use Hdmi In And Component Out Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro

    I'm currently using component in, and HDMI out. Not sure if it works vice versa though.
  5. Solution

    Game Capture Glitches On Software, Fine On Hdmi Passthrough

    Well, you're below the requirements which is why you're having the problem, although I do think Roxio should provide better software which will probably never happen. Also, your PC is pretty outdated considering how fast technology is progressing these days.
  6. Solution

    Purple Preview Screen.

    Enable Windows Aero.
  7. Solution

    Main Reason For Glitchy Captures Solved.

  8. Solution

    I Need Help!

    The problem is Windows. Try updating DirectX, or enable Windows Aero.
  9. Solution

    Main Reason For Glitchy Captures Solved.

    I just bought a laptop cooler and the issue is completely gone now.
  10. Solution

    Game Capture Glitches On Software, Fine On Hdmi Passthrough

    Some people really need to learn to search the forum before posting, especially when it's at the top of the page. http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/85640-main-reason-for-glitchy-captures-solved/
  11. Solution

    No Signal/very Pixelated Capture

    To be honest, it looks like a faulty unit to me. Before you give up, I would try re-installing, try different USB ports, and try using component cables instead of HDMI. If it still does the same things after trying what I stated, then try solving any driver conflicts, re-installing Directx, installing the latest version of Directx and make sure your drivers for your GPU etc. are up to date. Let me know whats up when you've tried.
  12. Solution

    Main Reason For Glitchy Captures Solved.

    Simple and to the point, there are a couple of reasons why these issues happen and it has solved the problem for me. Hopefully you will have the same benefit. 1. PC is too slow. Solution: I've seen people post about the issue, and when they give specs they are no where NEAR meeting the requirements, which is pretty much a 2Ghz dual core. Anything below will probably give you issues all day. 2. Using a laptop? Overheating is the issue. Solution: This was my main problem, my laptop was simply overheating every time it need the power to run a game or the Roxio capture software in this case. I clarified this by opening the capture software with the laptop on my bed, and saw the glitchiness start to happen. I took it off my bed for about 3 minutes and hey what do you know, no problems capturing whatsoever. The fans are at the bottom of my laptop, so when it's on a soft surface(like a bed) the heat has no where to go, and it gets trapped in the laptop, causing it to overheat. When it overheats, your clock speeds go down to the bare minimum to save you the trouble of damaging your laptop, and when the clock speeds of your CPU go down, you no longer meet the requirements of the capture software. Mine went down to 933mhz, which is WAY below the requirements. Most laptops are set to cool down if it reaches a certain temp, most of the time it's 90c. It should rarely reach temperature unless you're doing some kind of overclocking or benchmarking. To solve this, just make sure your fans are free of any dust, make sure your laptop is on a hard surface or better yet, use a lapdesk or laptop cooler. Those will fix your problems. If you're on a PC, make sure your fans are clear of any dust, and that it's in a well ventilated area. If you haven't replaced your thermal paste on the CPUs in ages, that could be causing your desktop to overheat as well. I hope this fixes your guys' problems, as it has fixed mine. -Solution
  13. Solution

    Help Asap Please

    When you go to the livestream, does your theme switch to Windows Basic?
  14. Solution

    Can You Resell A Roxio Game Capture?

    If it's the original Roxio Game Capture, you could tell him to use Virtualdub. That's the best alternative to the original software, and it's better.