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  1. I recently purchased Roxio easy vhs to dvd for mac. I have loaded the software. Connected all component. Tried without and with the extension USB. When I go to open software it give me an error, "Please connect the Roxio Video Capture hardware to any USB 2.0 port." This is done. I have restarted the computer. I have run all updates. I have run disk utility. Still get the message. I believe, this brand new (purchased yesterday) $80 piece of equipment is faulty or in truth is just not good equipment. Everything I have ever used by Roxio was good but this is just not happening for me. Please advise. I did sent a request to Roxio Support about 14 hours ago but I have not heard back. Of course, it is a weekend.
  2. apulliam1

    Usb Connection Issue

    I cannot get it to recognize the USB card prior to or following opening the software. I have exhausted all options I can think of from reloading software to trying new cables from the vcr, to begging roxio tech support to give me advise. He kindly gave me a list of steps that were obviously IBM related. When I explained that he apologized and agreed he had made a huge error. Wanted to research it some more. Came back and told me to reload software, yet again, but still nothing has worked. I hope Best Buy will refund me my money. They have a no refund policy on open software, which I understand, but it doesn't work.
  3. Digital Guru, I was connected to the USB port on my laptop.....not a hub. I have deleted and reinstalled the program. I have tried everything I know. The tech with Roxio that has been emailing keeps giving me IBM directions. I don't think he knows a thing about mac. I have decided that either I have a defective device or the whole mac version is no good. Has anyone been successful using the software/device with Mac OS 10.6.8?
  4. apulliam1

    Usb Connection Issue

    I just purchased yesterday and have had the same problem. Tried 2 sets of cable. Tried shutdown comptuer. Tried off and on on VCR. Running 10.6.8 and have run all updates on computer. Ran disk utility. NOTHING but "Please connect your Roxio Video Capture Hardware to any USB 2.0 port." Some one mentioned have 1.05. There is an update for that version for mac os 10.5 and above I believe. Mine is Roxio Video Capture 2.0 per Get Info. It aslo states on the box for Mac 10.5, 10.6, or 10.7. I emailed Roxio but of course have not yet heard back.